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To be the most trusted renewable energy brand across markets,

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To create futuristic and self-renewing solutions that not

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Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. manufacture a wide range

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Who we are

Airier NaturaPvt. Ltd is the leading company in the field of renewable energy in India. Distinguished by our Reliability, Infrastructure and Operational expertise, we delivery quality energy solutions. Established in year 1987, the Airier group is based in Bangalore and has its branch offices at Chennai, New Delhi and Dubai with presence in Pan India, Sri Lanka,UAE, Bangladesh and Europe. Our contribution to the world of renewable energy in the form of Solar Water heaters, Wind Driven Turbo Air ventilators, Static Ridge ventilators, Solar Steam Generators, Solar Cookers, Biomass Burner, Wood Pellet Burner, Wood Pellet Fuel Burner, Pellet Burner, Wood Pellet Hot Air Generator, Hot Air Generator, Commercial Stove, Pellet Furnace etc helped to save thousands of rupees across various industries throughout India.